The Top 50 Music Blogs

With the thousands of music blogs on the Web today, it can be a daunting task to wade through them all to find the rare gem.That's why we created the following list of what we feel are the top 50 music blogs online today. They're broken down into five of the top music genres and each list contains the top ten in each genre. If you're a music lover, this list will pinpoint the websites we suggest you visit. And all these blogs are awesome in their own way!

We used a number of important criteria to rank the blogs including Technorati ratings, Google PageRank (measures how popular Google thinks the site is using links), website age, Alexa rankings (measures the site's traffic), unique information offered, how frequently updated and a number of other factors as well including our own personal opinions. We realize that we may have left out some blogs and that any list is going to be subjective. However, we spent extensive time and effort researching sites in each musical genre and believe this list will guide many people to the music information they're looking for. Definitely take your time to go through all these, it will be worth your time. Bookmark this page as well.



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