The Top 20 University/College Theatre Club Websites

“I did a little acting in college.”

It’s the cliché we all say when the Hollywood producer or the Broadway impresario asks us if we’ve ever done acting.

Perhaps that scenario only occurs on television, but for some people they actually did act on stage in college.

And chances are they acted in their alma mater’s theatre club.

Below is a list of the top 20 university/college theatre club websites. They have been chosen because they’re well designed sites that represent the spirit and magic of the theatre. Break A Leg!

  1. Wig and Buckle Theater Company - -
    From Lebanon Valley College in Annvile, Pennslyvania, this website is cheery, welcoming and easy to use. The background of the stage curtain is a very cool.
  2. Arts Alliance - -
    From Northwestern University, this bright and bold website gives off a strong theater vibe. It’s also compact and easy to navigate.
  3. Asian American Theater Project - -
    From Stanford, this website’s homepage is highlighted by a wonderful graphic design and a slide show. The site expertly blends Asian influences with the theatre.
  4. The Rice Players - -
    From Rice University, this simple website is laid out like a blog. It’s very easy to read and the homepage contains a bevy of pertinent information.
  5. Princeton University Players - -
    From Princeton University, this site boldly utilizes the color yellow to fashion a bright and jovial homepage. The site has lost of links and lots of features.
  6. Women's Theatre Organization - -
    From the University of Southern California, this site is busy but not cluttered. Its white and purple color scheme works well with its links and images.
  7. Xperimental Season: Department of Theatre Arts & Dance - -
    From the University of Minnesota, this clear and concise site has a wonderful header and a great layout.
  8. Undergraduate Theatre Association -
    From the University of Wisconsin-Madison, this website has both an art and theatre feel. It’s very inviting and beautifully designed.
  9. English Alternative Theater - -
    From Kansas University, this site has a professional look and feel. The slide show on the homepage is a nice touch.
  10. On Stage - -
    From the University of Colorado at Boulder, this site uses white fonts on a black ground. It also has a nice header and a fresh layout.
  11. Nomadic Theatre - -
    From Georgetown University, you have to like a site that uses images of camels. Its simple design is very effective and easy to read.
  12. The Collective - -
    From the University of Washington, this site simultaneously captures the essence of theater performance and the ambiance of the Pacific Northwest. While the homepage is sparse, it has easy to find links and features.
  13. Wellesley College Shakespeare Society - -
    From Wellesley College, this site contains everything you need to know about the Shakespeare Society. It also has fascinating info about the club’s history and great links to Shakespeare related sites.
  14. Dramatics Society - -
    From Boston College, the site has links, information, images and a quote of the week. What more could you ask for?
  15. Mustard and Cheese Drama Society - -
    From Lehigh University, every time you visit their homepage a different photo appears. Another nice feature—especially if you belong to the club—dates for their meetings are right there on the homepage.
  16. Basement Arts - -
    From the University of Michigan, this site is simple and compact, but the graphic in the upper corner of the page perfectly captures the passion of theater. Links to important information are front and center.
  17. Theatre of the Big Bend - -
    From Sul Ross State University in Texas, this website is trim and neat. The professional graphic design highlights its well placed links.
  18. Villanova Student Theatre - -
    From Villanova, this website is crisp, smooth, and well organized. It has well placed links and a useful set of features.
  19. CSB/SJU Drama Club - -
    From the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University, even as a make shift website, this drama club has managed to create a user friendly and an eye pleasing homepage. The site provides lots of information and features.
  20. Gilbert & Sullivan Society - -
    From the University of Michigan, this is the very model of a modern major website. This no-nonsense site is all about information. It also has lots of links and features.

The show must go on!

Even if that’s all you know about the theatre, you still have to agree that these are some of the best websites, promoting some of the best theatre groups in the country.

Hopefully, one of the aforementioned theatre clubs is located in your area. That way you can not only visit their site, but you can see them perform on stage.



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