The Top 5 NFL Players Who Have Been Busted in Recent Years - Sometimes These Football Players Aren’t the Brightest
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NFL players routinely turn up in the arrest wires for committing stupid crimes and getting busted. These guys are typically making millions of dollars, yet they can’t get their act together and just behave like law-abiding citizens. For some it’s cost them public humiliation and maybe a short suspension. For others, their entire contract and career has been flushed down the toilet by their self-serving behavior. Let’s count down the top 5 NFL players showing the dumbest behavior of football players in the last year or two. While the likes of Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson have certainly proven themselves to be incapable of normal human behavior, this list will only include those with actual legal problems off the field.

5. Tank Johnson – Tank Johnson got arrested a number of times, which led to his being waived by the Chicago Bears and being suspended for half a season. His first arrest was at a nightclub and he was charged with possession of a handgun. Tank was then charged for aggravated assault after a dustup with a police office outside of a – you guessed it – nightclub. Tank was then arrested for possession of unlicensed firearms, including assault rifles. Just because your nickname is Tank, doesn’t mean you have to arm yourself like you actually are one! Finally, Johnson got a speeding ticket, while being mildly impaired and the Bears let him go. The Cowboys picked him up following his suspension.

4. Cedric Benson – The second Bears NFL player on the list, Benson was arrested twice in 2008 which led to his immediate release from the Chicago Bears. This is a former first round running back that is now without a job in the NFL. The first arrest was for boating while intoxicated, so how does he clean up his act? He goes and drives his car intoxicated, getting a DUI. His Bears teammate committed more crimes, but he has the talent to find a new job. Unfortunately in the NFL, if you have the skills, you can pay the bills, despite what your charges list looks like.

3. Chris Henry – Chris Henry made his home in the arrest books. The former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver was arrested 5 times in a 2 and a half year period, including arrests for DUI, gun charges and marijuana possession. He was first suspended for two games and then missed half of the 2007 season before being cut by the Bengals following yet another legal incident. Chris Henry seems to have some sort of magnetic attraction to crime, and being caught for it. He’s been tackled more by police officers than by defensive players over the last 3 years.

2. Pacman Jones – Pacman would be the highest on the list but as it currently stands, he has an NFL contract and can resume his career. Pacman was involved in one incident following another, including a deadly shooting at a nightclub. He then tried to show NFL commissioner Roger Goodell that he was reformed by showing up late to their meeting, having lost track of time at the local strip club, the very type of establishment he was not supposed to visit. But as we can see from this list, talent trumps trouble, and if you’re a good enough player, you’ll get another chance. And guess who decided to give Pacman (now just Adam) another shot? The Dallas Cowboys, in part from the counsel of their troubled former superstar, Michael Irvin.

1. Michael Vick – Yes, we all knew it was coming, the Atlanta Falcons' Michael Vick has to be ranked as the dumbest NFL player of recent years. This is because although he was involved in less legal incidents than others on this list, he is the only one serving a multiple year jail sentence. Additionally, being Michael Vick, a franchise player and superstar, he had the most to lose, and he did lose it all. He suffered extreme public backlash following his dog fighting arrest, completely tarnishing his image. He lost his NFL career and tens of millions of dollars, along with several years of his free life. Michael Vick, congratulations on the number one spot.

There are your five dumbest NFL players of the last several seasons. These guys have shown themselves to be superior to a very deep and tough field, with hundreds of potential candidates.

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