Electronica Awards

In compiling our shortlist for Best Electronica Music and Blogs, we were conscious that the genre title didn't quite convey the full range displayed by the artists below. In reality, a lot of these guys are individually impossible to pidgeonhole, so trying to come up with a single descriptor for such a diverse group was akin to herding cats. Nevertheless, each one is worthy of a listen as fresh surprises abound!

The Mystic Underground


The Mystic Underground is comprised of two guys from New York who are resolved to create a kind of music different to the everyday, to provide a spot of relief from the daily grind of the ordinary. Successfully breaking into the world of electronic pop, these two guys have gone from strength to strength since the release of their first album, 'The Nameless and the Faceless' in 2004. The pair - Vladimir Valette and Benedetto Socci - makes it their aim to put the feeling into electronic pop.

Reasons to Check 'Em Out

No one can describe the band and the experience that they create for their listeners better than Valette and Socci themselves, and they do it with such eloquence. Take a look at their website for their own bio, a few song lyrics, video clips and news, and let them welcome you to their world of electronic pop.



Northcape is an artist from Warwickshire in the UK. He presents the interesting contrast in his work between the electronic methods and techniques by which his music is created and the natural images and memories it evokes in the listener. Northcape explores notions of simplicity in his music, and creates sounds which are clear and uncomplicated by the processes which create them. He is unconcerned with creating music to fit into a sub-genre, and more concerned with the purity of its creation.

Reasons to Check 'Em Out

The style of Northcape's website reflects the simplicity and clarity of his music, giving you the information you want, told with the honesty and earnestness of a musician who knows what his music is and who has created it from the heart.



The music of Sienna will gently lull you into that state somewhere between waking and sleeping, when your dreams are still going but you're only half aware that none of it is real. Taking influences not only from her native Japan and her base in Norway but from all over the world, she concocts a musical recipe like none other while maintaining a comforting sense of the familiar. As a result of this, her fan base covers a huge range of people.

Reasons to Check 'Em Out

Her website is well kept with regular updates of tour news and dates, new tracks to listen to and just enough info to keep you interested. Take a look here and be guaranteed that you won't look back. Sienna is not only exciting, she's a musician you want to listen to.



Artemis' music is a cleverly compiled mix of beautiful yet varied sounds, put together to create something mystical, exciting, and very, very now. Her voice resides eerily and elegantly over the music which is played expertly by her band, comprised of Daniel Berkman, Cliff Tune, Keith Crusher and Daniel Durrett of the RTFM Collective. The combination of Artemis' voice and the band's sounds draws a connection between musician and listener which will take you out of this world and into another.

Reasons to Check 'Em Out

Artemis' blog is both informative and interesting. On the one side, there is all the information you need about the artists, their background, their music and their tours. On the other, Artemis provides you with an interesting tale behind each of her albums. Have a browse and find your new favourite way to spend the afternoon.

Dan Pound


With a wealth of musical experience behind him, having been classically trained on three instruments and composing orchestral pieces, Dan Pound has used it all to branch out and create a different kind of sound. The majority of Dan's work is geared towards film scores and multi-media soundtracks, alongside which he has created his own albums in his studio. Dan is a dedicated musician and has gradually been building his home studio in order to provide you with his exciting, modern music.

Reasons to Check 'Em Out

Take a look at Dan's website to find out more about the music he creates and where it's been played, news of his new and most recent releases, and links to buy his CDs and downloads. There's even a Merchandise link so make sure you have a look at the range of t-shirts sold on there.


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